Kidney Care

Kidney Care

Chronic kidney disease (CKD) is an ongoing journey for you and your family. And while every journey is unique, Baxter is with you every step of the way, providing access to therapy options that can balance your lifestyle needs with high standards of kidney care.

Once you've been diagnosed with CKD, or end-stage kidney disease, it can seem like everything changes; you must learn about the nature of the disease and make decisions about your treatment options.

We understand the dramatic difference effective kidney care can make when sequenced in a way that works with your body. We also understand your therapy goals include feeling well and maintaining an active lifestyle to work, travel and enjoy life. That’s why we work to support access to treatment options designed to make therapy easier for you and your family.

Baxter has supported millions of patients on their kidney care journeys with innovative therapy options for more than 60 years. We pioneered peritoneal dialysis (home therapy), hemodialysis (most often performed in-center), and more recently remote patient management (digital health). We are committed to developing innovations that will support greater access to care that helps you live your best life.

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Our Commitment to Access to Care

There are about 850 million people globally with kidney disease; we estimate nearly 10 million of them have reached end-stage kidney disease and require dialysis or transplant.1 Yet, only a fraction of them currently have access to care.

As part of our dedication to access to kidney care for all, we’ve made a commitment to double the number of patients reached in developing countries by 2030. These areas are often the hardest to reach with limited local resources, yet the most in need of kidney care. We are activating our resources, including innovation and education, to make greater access a reality.

Our commitment also calls on us to have a greater focus on the unique needs of kidney patients during the prolonged COVID-19 pandemic. We are working with patient groups, policy makers and care teams to advocate for patients’ access to home care, as it is vital to empowering them to live their best lives.

Living Well with Kidney Disease

Image of Shazwali, a kidney patient from Malaysia

I chose peritoneal dialysis (PD) because of the flexibility. It allowed me to choose the time of day when I would do my treatments. They became part of my daily routine, and I could still do all the activities that I enjoy. Most importantly, I got to go on living my life and raising my kids.

Shazwali from Malaysia


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Learn About Kidney Care

Chronic kidney failure is the gradual loss of kidney function that results from a long-term disease. This is the most common type of kidney failure. Although it cannot be reversed, you have treatment options. It’s important you understand what the kidneys do, and your treatment options – including the different types of dialysis. Learn more through our online resources for patients living with kidney disease.

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Remote Patient Management

Our Sharesource remote patient management platform is a two-way, digital health solution that enables your care team to stay connected to your home therapy. This includes the ability to adjust your prescription for optimum therapy without the need for you to make an unplanned clinic visit. This added visibility to your home therapy also allows them to follow up with you in a timelier manner if they have questions about your treatments.

Sharesource is featured with our automated peritoneal dialysis systems globally.