Nutritional Care

Nutritional Care

When medical conditions prevent you from adequately feeding yourself, Baxter provides life-sustaining clinical nutrition options to help you regain your health. 

Malnutrition can be a serious problem for people with vulnerable health conditions; for the 1 in 10 newborns who are preterm; for chemotherapy patients who have lost the ability to consume food; for patients who have undergone major surgeries; and for chronically ill patients.

Getting the nutrients required to regain and maintain your health can often be difficult through normal consumption or even tube-fed solutions. Your care team may offer one of our parenteral (intravenous) nutrition solutions to help you get the nutrients you need in a safe and effective manner. 

Unlocking a Life of Possibilities with Home Parenteral Nutrition

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While in a perfect world, I would love to eat "normally," there are a lot of positives with home parenteral nutrition. I am able to do most of my normal activities like hiking, and I don't get tired from carrying a backpack like I used to before. In fact, two days after I was discharged from the hospital, I was able to travel to Montreal to see a concert. Without home PN, I wouldn’t have been able to do that.

Trinity, Home Parenteral Nutrition Consumer


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Home Parenteral Nutrition

Chronic illnesses that affect the digestive system, such as the inability to swallow, a motility disorder, inflammatory bowel diseases, bowel obstruction or a shortened intestine also may require the need for daily clinical nutrition therapy to replace or supplement normal eating. Home parenteral nutrition (HPN) was introduced in the early 1970s and today it’s a widespread therapy option around the world. Patients on home parenteral nutrition can get the nutrients they need—in the comfort of their home—by relying on the depth of our portfolio to support their custom prescriptions.